Bodyweight Exercises for Women to Tone Underarms

Pushups are a basic upper-body and underarm workout. Start small and increase as you grow stronger. 

This pushup variant helps strengthen your triceps for a sleek, toned look. This is a triangle pushup or tricep pushup.

Tricep dips isolate triceps and eliminate turkey wings. Murdock states, "This move primarily works the triceps, but the anterior deltoid muscles, front of your shoulders, and chest also get a workout."

Downward-facing dog is more than a yoga move—it builds strong arms. Murdock says this motion warms up your hamstrings, calves, Achilles tendon, upper arm muscles, and triceps.

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Side-lying tricep pushups are a fantastic arm-toning workout. "This move works the triceps and deltoids," says Murdock.

Ladies, please: Goodbye underarm fat, hello muscular, contoured arms. But how? Strength training beats cardio and diets.

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