Brain-Health-Improving Habits  

 One of the finest brain health benefits is regular exercise. Triathletes don't need to be to benefit.

 Walking With A Friend

 Researchers found that older persons who often went for “leisure walks” were less likely to acquire Alzheime

Walking With A Friend

 Brain health is threatened by stress. Science has long shown that persistent stress damages the hippocampus

 Meditating 10 Minutes

 Cynics have more than a poor mood. It harms your brain. Repetitive negative thinking may raise dementia


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 Sleep is essential for brain function. Dr. Daniel Rifkin, medical director of the Sleep Medicine Centers of Western

 Maintaining Bedtime

 Learning is also important for brain health. Changing languages or skills isn't the only way to succeed.

 Starting a New Team Sport

 She remarked, “You're learning something new, getting physical exercise and meeting new people.

Starting a New Team Sport

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