Caffeine-Free Starbucks Drinks for Weight Loss


 On a hot and muggy day, we ordered it since the foggy, cool beverage seemed refreshing. 

Steamed Milk

Don't get us wrong, there is taste in this lemonade, but it's hardly what you'd expect from the classic summer beverage. 

Tango Tea 

We were fooled into thinking that Refreshers from Starbucks did not contain caffeine. Unfortunately, we discovered that the green coffee bean extract 

White Chocolate

The White Hot Chocolate ranks lower than the other options we considered since it has no caffeine and is thus easily forgotten.


Ice, coffee, and a syrup or flavoring base are mixed until smooth to make a classic Frappuccino.

Peach Calmness

Since peach is one of our favorite fruits, we were eager to try this Teavana offering. Peach Tranquility, like Passion Tango.

Vanilla Bean Crème

While numerous crème drinks (including matcha and chai) are listed separately from coffee-based variants on the menu.

Sweet Cream

Cinnamon dolce topping, which is really just cinnamon and sugar, is added on top of the heated milk.


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