breeds of cats that live the longest.

If you desire a long-term pet, learn about the longest-lived cat breeds.

The average home cat lives 12-14 years, but some can live 20. This depends on their diet, healthcare, and surroundings.

Ragdolls are peaceful, quiet, and easygoing cats named for their relaxing lie-back position.

They'll follow you around or hop on your lap for a snuggle, but they're not demanding and good with kids. These calm cats survive 11-13 years, but often longer.

The long-haired Balinese resembles the Siamese. Slender and graceful, they're lively and communicative.

The extroverted cat is pleasant and cuddly because they want your attention. Their typical lifespan is 9-13 years, however they often survive 22.

The calm, sweet-tempered fluffy Persian wants a tranquil, dignified life, so as long as you and your children are kind and quiet, they'll like being caressed on your lap.

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Their thick, lengthy fur needs daily care. The average Persian lifetime is 12-15 years. If you watch out for eye, heart, respiratory, and tooth disorders, they can survive 20 years.

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