Celebrities' Belly Fat-Reducing Exercises

Medicine Ball Sit-Ups by Kaley Cuoco Ryan Sorenson, Kaley Cuoco's personal trainer, detailed her fitness routine on Instagram.

Zoe Saldana Bosu Ball Glute Bridges Zoe Saldana works hard. The Guardians of the Galaxy star maintains a healthy lifestyle and intensive workouts. 

Jessica Biel Planks Jessica Biel prioritizes health and relationships. She uploaded a workout video with her hubby Justin Timberlake. 

Michael B Jordan Bicycle Crunches Michael B. Jordan works hard to have one of Hollywood's greatest six-packs. 

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Vanessa Hudgens often works out to be healthy. In a Dogpound gym video, the actress did straight leg crunches. 

Jessica Alba works out while owning Honest and parenting three kids. 

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