Childhood Foods Nearly Extinct

There are "lots of things I haven't seen in a while," one commenter writes. "I'm thinking of a lime green jello with carrots and marshmallows.

n the 1980s, this dish became a staple in many British homes. Cream is added to chicken and gravy before serving it over buttered toast. 

Being of British descent, I initially had no idea what to make of this item. I thought it was a condiment meant to enhance the flavor of hamburgers. 

The next commenter proposes "Shrimp Cocktail, sold refrigerated in six-packs of small glass jars." Was delicious, and the jars could be repurposed as drinking vessels.

The kids of yesteryear would have gone nuts over these treats. The finest part of the Pillsbury Space Food Sticks patent application from 1970 is the description of the food itself

"Generally speaking, internal organs of animals aren't on the butcher shelf much these days," says a meat eater. I don't know, it probably varies by region

A new poster quips, "My mom cooked round steak, so it was like a hockey puck." I haven't tried a round steak, but I hear they're tough and tasteless. 

Maybe it was the quality, but I wasn't particularly impressed when I tasted this in the United States. Bechamel white sauce with fried beef strips; some people also use burger meat or other types of meat 

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