Colors to try for your nails this winter 

Regular at-home nail painters and those who get their nails done in gel salons fall into one of two categories, in my opinion. 

One thing that all four of these changes have in common is that they all involve a new tint with the coming of spring. 

Especially (low voice) with the holidays coming up.  

Where should one go first? Senior Manicurist at Duck & Dry Austinya Parnell-Raghnal says we should all take cues from nature. 

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She describes autumn as a season of "warm transitional colors" such as orange, green, and deeper tones.  

"Changing your nail color to one of those shades is a cute and simple way to celebrate the coming of winter." 

You could even skip the fall season and move straight into the holiday spirit with glittery or Christmas-themed nail art.  

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