Cooking Charts That Will Improve Your Skills

Convert Baking Ingredients Rather than pulling out a calculator every time you need to convert cups to ounces, just refer to this handy chart instead.

Know How Long Your Veggies Last Who knew that tomatoes could be frozen? Instead of throwing away perishable fruits and vegetables after just a few days, learn how to extend their shelf life.

Make the Best Cookies This handy guide simplifies the science of baking chocolate chip cookies, making them a hit with cookie fans of all textures.


Debone a Chicken If chicken is your go-to for weekday meals, here's how to utilize a whole rotisserie.

Perfectly Boil Eggs Whether you want your hard-boiled egg yolk runny or solid as a rock, there's a recommended cooking time to suit your taste.

Pick the Right Mixer The appropriate tool will give your meringue the ideal peak. Having this chart on hand will ensure that you never waste time whisking when you might be paddling.

Bake Homemade Bread A freshly baked loaf of bread is the best. This astounding achievement can be accomplished by even inexperienced bakers with the aid of the accompanying chart.

Cut a Recipe in Half When it's only the two of you at home for the weekend, there's no use in preparing a meal for a crowd. It's simpler than ever to whip together a meal for two.

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Master Your Red Meat Knowing how to prepare the ideal steak for everyone's tastes is a pain unless you're a Top Chef. You need just know the time and temperature.