Cut Holiday Weight With Couch Exercises  

Dips on the sofa work your shoulders, chest, and triceps, revving up your metabolism and holiday fat-burning.

 Couch Dips

 Sit on the floor with a sofa behind you to do couch dips. Put your hands behind you on the sofa to press on it.

Couch Dips

 Bulgarian split squats include placing one foot on the sofa and lunging. This also helps you squat deeper.

 Split Squats

 Even if conventional pushups are too tough, sofa pushups are forgiving. This pushup variant is for those who struggle

 Couch Pushups

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 Mountain climbers from the sofa will work your core in the last workout. The plank posture works your abdominal,

 couch Mountain Climbers

 Do couch mountain climbers by pushing up with your hands on the sofa. Lift your foot and bring one knee

 Mountain Climbers

 mountain climbers from his living room, sofa workouts to lose holiday weight

Mountain Climbers

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