Daily Weight Loss Strength Exercises for Women  

 starting with the upper body, practice these [first] two exercises that focus on your 'push' muscles

 Chest presses

 Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart to start the shoulder press. Hold Dumbbells by your shoulders

 Shoulder Presses

 "Continuing with the upper body, do these two 'pull' exercises," Dr. Bohl advises. "Row


 Set up lat pulldowns by sitting at the machine and placing your thighs beneath the pad.

  Lat Pulldowns

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 two fit ladies practicing outside crunches, which women should avoid to increase muscle.


 leg lifts and leg flexion are "powerhouse workouts for your legs," targeting the glutes and thighs'

 Leg Presses

 These everyday weight loss strength workouts for women end with the leg press. Sit on a leg press machine

 Leg Presses

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