Dead Givers Toxic Relationship

A divorcee says their ex-spouse always wanted improved communication. She always had a reason why she wasn't the problem when he brought it up.

Another respondent says they had a makeover and breakup fifteen years ago. Their mom said it was toxic, but they were upset she didn't comprehend

Someone adds that a partner who demands they fight to express passion is a warning flag. Their friend insisted, and they were humiliated

One user describes how their buddy must email his lady exact timestamps and notes about his activities with the males. His notes read: 9.14 Got a glass of water from the kitchen

Forum users think that couples should be able to maintain friendships and activities. Always have some independence from your companion.

A commenter said their boyfriend fought meanly. She would exaggerate everything, become emotionally and verbally aggressive

Someone remembers how their ex-girlfriend weaponized adult interactions for six months.

Someone says they sat at the bar alone. A pair next to them was so engrossed in their phones that they never looked at each other. 

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