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Deep facts about love

When you fall in love, it boosts the production of a few euphoria-inducing chemicals in your brain, these stimulate about 12 areas of the brain at one time.

Love triggers euphoria-inducing chemicals

You can be more stressed than happy when you fall in love. Have low serotonin responsible for happiness & high cortisol levels for stress. 

Love can cause stress

Casual dating prioritizes appearance, while long-term relationships involve assessing emotional and mental compatibility.

You fall in love according to the priorities

Hypopituitarism can prevent romantic love, leaving some people never able to experience it.

Some people can’t experience love

Greek's vena amoris belief that the fourth finger connects to the heart is untrue. Yet, many wear engagement rings on that finger.

Vein of love

Cupid, the god of love, comes from chaos, which implies that love embodies both desire and chaos.

Love resembles chaos

Love can be linked to unresolved childhood issues, causing people to seek partners who resemble their parents or past loved ones.

The parent symbolism

Having a caring partner around helps wounds heal twice as faster as compared to an aggressive partner.

Love helps you heal faster

Slow and steady relationships establish a stronger foundation than intense Hollywood-style relationships that often end quickly.

Slow and steady love flourishes

Men are attracted to women wearing red as it makes them appear more receptive.

Red is the color of love