Dietitians Recommend Low-Calorie Pantry Items for Weight Loss

  Chickpeas Don't ignore beans and legumes! Protein-rich foods are another cupboard necessity. Bradley recommends chickpeas. He suggests roasting them for a healthy snack.

Roasted chickpeas are crispy, hearty, and high in fiber and protein. He recommends weight-loss-friendly roasted chickpeas. 

Canned fish Fish is a great lean protein for weight reduction. Canned fish is a tasty, nutritious alternative to frying a gourmet salmon fillet.

 Popcorn Avoid processed, empty-calorie snacks around snack time. Popcorn helps. "Popcorn can be a very light, quick, and tasty snack," Feder explains.

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Oats Oats are healthy superfoods. Feder claims they aid weight reduction. "Oats are very high in dietary fiber, which can help promote fullness," he explains. 

"This can prevent you from snacking or overeating during the day and lead to weight loss."

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