Dietitians Recommend These Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Eat protein-rich meals "Protein is responsible for building lean muscle and reducing fat, while also curbing hunger," explains Go Wellness author Courtney D'Angelo, MS, RD. 

 Fill your plate with veggies We don't eat enough veggies, although they're vital to our health, especially for weight reduction.

 Eat fiber-rich meals. "Fiber helps with gut health and digestion overall, and can help your GI tract regulate many important hormones

 Dessert: frozen fruit Because super-restrictive diets can be harmful, losing weight doesn't mean giving up your favorite treats.

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 Belly Fat-Burning Foods According to Science Water intake is one of the easiest and most crucial habits to adopt. Healthy weight requires enough hydration. 

"Water is calorie-free and helps regulate hunger and fullness," explains Clair. "

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