Dietitians Share the  Most Effective Weight-Loss Modifications

If you feel like you've exhausted all of your diet options without success, it may be time to shift your attention from what you eat to something less concrete—your thoughts. 

If so, you still have a dieter's mindset even if you're not actively dieting. You can't expect to keep the weight off permanently if you're still in the mindset of a dieter. 

Give up on temporary solutions and commit to the long haul. You can't expect permanent effects from a diet that you can't maintain.

This kind of negative self-talk is what traps dieters into a never-ending cycle of deprivation and bingeing.

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Make a note of these optimistic reframes to read over when you're feeling low. And don't think you need to wait until Monday to "start over." 

When you have an all-or-nothing outlook, you end up with a "starting over on Monday" mentality.

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