Digestive problems? Try one of these probiotic-rich meals.

Yogurt Many males like yogurt for breakfast, lunch, or smoothies. Yogurt is a nutritious breakfast or snack when topped with cereal, almonds, seeds, or fruit.

Kefir helps lactose-intolerant people digest lactose. Kefir contains natural digestive enzymes such lactase 

Miso soup is created with miso, despite its popularity. Japanese miso is salty, savory, and nutty.

Kombucha with green tea's antioxidants has various health benefits. It may manage blood sugar, reduce inflammation, lower cancer risk, and boost metabolism.

Sourdough bread uses a lactic acid bacterium and yeast starter. This produces probiotic bacteria and sour cultures. Sourdough bread has complex carbs too.

Sauerkraut, a salty, shredded cabbage slaw, improves gastrointestinal symptoms and gut microbiome

Kimchi, like sauerkraut, is a brined, salted, fermented cabbage slaw with chile, ginger, scallion, and garlic.

 Natto has a probiotic bacterial strain called Bacillus subtilis and is rich in vitamin K2, which is uncommon in dietary sources.

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