Dogs that are the most sociable

The gentle giant Great Pyrenees loves and protects their family until the death. They're trained to protect flocks and will attack anything suspicious.

They're active and energetic, and their strong build can overwhelm smaller dogs who don't want to play. Puggles can be too friendly, making other dogs snap at them.

Samoyed The woolly Samoyed has a huge, pleasant face and attitude. They love to greet other dogs and howl in mournful disdain if one passes without sniffing.


Siberian HuskyYou may have seen Siberian Huskies pulling a sled with other dogs in the snow. Huskies get along with other dogs. Work and friendship can be achieved.

Labrador Retriever America's favorite dog breed is naturally gregarious and social. Labrador Retrievers are poor watchdogs since they're nice to everyone. They'd rather jump and lick a burglar's face than chase the

Beagles require frequent walks due to their high activity levels. So their love for other dogs is excellent. They'll welcome any furry friend. They are one of the most dog-friendly breeds.

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