Drink This Instead of Coffee for Quick Weight Loss

Decaf Coffee

. It won't offer you the same energy boost as a shot of caffeine-laced bean juice, but it'll still taste just like your normal coffee.

Coffea Chicor

Dandelion roots may be used to make a tasty salad, and chicory can be brewed into a tasty coffee.

Mushroom Coffee

Yes, mushroom coffee really exists. Don't be fooled by the online fervor; mushroom coffee isn't really made entirely of mushrooms.

Hot Tea

A cup of hot tea is a great alternative to coffee. One of the few brewed drinks with a considerable quantity of caffeine.


 Choose something more gut-supportive, like kombucha, rather than putting your digestive system into overdrive.

Aloe Vera Extract

 This is why aloe jelly is so effective in treating sunburns: it reduces inflammation.

Bone Broth

Bone broth has become more popular in recent years. Bone broth is popular among those who value using all-natural products and remedies. 


If coffee is all you ever have with breakfast, try switching things up once in a while with a more substantial meal. 

Hot Chocolate

It might seem like a monumental effort in the winter to peel oneself from the cozy bed and onto the cold hardwood or tile flooring. 


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