Eat Breakfast to Reduce Visceral Fat

 You may have heard that a glass of water in the morning boosts metabolism, but it can also burn visceral fat.

 Start your breakfast with water.

 "A breakfast routine help start healthy habits for the day," explains HealthCanal RDN Nutrition Specialist Blanca Garcia

Start your breakfast with water.

 "Choosing breakfast foods high in fiber will reduce sugar and fat absorption and prevent visceral fat storage,

 Consume fiber

 "Vegetables and whole grains with more than 5 grams of fiber per serving are fiber-rich."

Consume fiber

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 Morning oatmeal has been around for a long time, and it can help you burn a lot of fat.

 Enjoy oatmeal.

 Toppers like maple syrup, brown sugar, dried fruit, and chocolate may make a dish unhealthy, says Best. Best to replace

 toppings with healthier ones.

 Microwavable pancakes and sausages may be enticing, but they won't help you burn visceral fat in the morning.

 packaged breakfast items.

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