Eat Quinoa to Lose Weight  

 Quinoa has five grams of fiber per cup cooked. "A high-fiber diet is typically the missing element of weight loss.

 High in fiber.

 Ehsani believes fiber keeps a person satisfied longer, reducing the likelihood of overeating at meals or snacking between meals.

High in fiber.

 "For the bulk of quinoa, it packs not a lot of calories," says Genki Nutrition owner Jonathan Valdez,

 It's a low-calorie food.

 Nutrition and Dietetics representative. "More volume = more satiety, which aids weight loss."

It's a low-calorie food.

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 Quinoa has eight grams of protein per cup. It is a complete protein with all nine necessary amino acids.

 High in protein.

 "Quinoa increases satiety when cooked with lean meats and vegetables," explains Valdez.

 lean meats.

 "Manganese is an essential nutrient that supports bone health, reduces inflammation and disease risk

  rich in manganese.

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