"Emily Ratajkowski on Quitting Acting: 'Hollywood is F**ked Up'" 

 Emily Ratajkowski, a well-known model and actress, recently opened up about her decision to quit acting and the dark side of Hollywood.

The Los Angeles Times, Ratajkowski talked about her frustrations with the "power dynamics" and "boys clubs" in the industry. 

These issues led her to fire her acting agent, commercial rep, and manager in early 2020.

Ratajkowski expressed feeling like a "piece of meat" and being tired of making herself "digestible to powerful men in Hollywood."

 She also revealed that she didn't trust her team and felt like they didn't have her best interests in mind.

 Ratajkowski has spoken out previously about the abuses she's experienced as a model and believes that the industry as a whole is "f**ked up."

 Despite having success as an actor, including a role in David Fincher's Gone Girl, Ratajkowski ultimately decided that the cons of the industry were not worth the pros.

 She feels safer working as a model, where she is mostly on sets with "queer and femme-presenting people."

Ratajkowski's unique perspective on the entertainment industry comes from her experience as a child actor and her marriage to Uncut Gems producer Sebastian Bear-McClard.

 Bear-McClard has been accused of sexual misconduct and preying on underage women, adding to Ratajkowski's first-hand experience with the dark side of Hollywood.

Ratajkowski's decision to speak out about her experiences highlights the need for change in the entertainment industry and the importance of creating a safer and more inclusive environment for all.

Her courage to share her story may inspire others to do the same and work towards making Hollywood a more equitable and respectful place for everyone.