Every List's Top Dog Breeds

 Labrador Retrievers have consistently topped the American Kennel Club's most popular dog breed list.

 Labrador Retriever

 Professor and psychologist Stanley Coren considered the Border Collie to be the smartest dog breed.

 Border Collie

 These unique small canines are ideal for city dwellers in condos or apartments. Boston Terriers are appealing

 Boston Terrier

 Beagles are among the healthiest dog breeds. Beagles are a good choice for dogs without many hereditary or physical issues


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 Seniors, who may be more lonely and sick than younger individuals, might benefit greatly from canine ownership

 Shih Tzu

 Golden Retrievers are dog social butterflies. A Golden Retriever is ideal for households with cats

 Golden Retriever

 "Yorkies" are popular tiny dogs. The Yorkshire Terrier weighs 3–5 pounds, making it ideal for frequent travelers

 Yorkshire Terrier

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