Every NFL team's finest running back

With running back value in a strange place, it feels like a good time to remind of the impact the greats made for their teams. Here is the best running back in each franchise's history. 

With the Cardinals title-less since their Chicago days, it makes sense Matson remains the franchise's RB kingpin.  

The former third-round pick's profile does not check in on the level of Jamal Anderson or Michael Turner, but his Falcons stretch tops both.  

The hard-charging runner zoomed to four 1,000-yard rushing seasons in five healthy years in Atlanta, with the 1982 players' strike likely preventing a fifth.  

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The 2,000-yard club currently has eight members; Lewis was the fifth entrant, reaching that milestone in 2003. That performance helped the quarterback-deficient Ravens to the playoffs 

His reputation irrevocably altered by the events of 1994 aside, Simpson still has the edge here. Thurman Thomas' 1991 MVP award notwithstanding 

Christian McCaffrey is the most talented Panther back and responsible for the best RB season (2019) in team annals. 

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