Expert Reveals Best Eating Habits for Finally Losing Weight  

 "We see our future self doing all the 'right things' and enjoying our ideal life. Most of us have a substantial gap between today

 match your lifestyle.

 According to behavioral theories, people are less inclined to act on unattainable goals. Grupski advises setting 95%-likely

match your lifestyle.

 we worry about what we'll eat, jog again, or try a new activity. We often fail to figure out "how" to do it.

 Prioritize "how" over "what."

 "This is why we should focus even more on how we'll make it happen when we decide what to change," she adds. "

Prioritize "how" over "what."

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 "We often have an all-or-nothing thinking style when making healthy changes," Grupski explains. "When we miss our mar

 Note your thought process.

 People appreciate seeing the numbers drop on the scale, especially quickly. Slow, plateaued, or reversed weight loss discourages

 Lack of emphasis

 Most people "mess up" or go off the wagon, which is natural and unavoidable. Accept your humanity, be gentle to yourself, and go on.

 Focus on eating habits.

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