Experts advise avoiding breakfast for weight loss after 50

If you usually eat a bagel or breakfast bar for morning, getting enough fruit and vegetables might be difficult. However, eating enough vegetables helps lose weight.

Mitri advises against skipping breakfast protein since it keeps you full and controls hunger all day.

High-antioxidant diets trigger sirtuins, which activate genes that reduce inflammation and increase metabolism. 

According to the Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome, eating a high-protein diet increases satiety and reduces food intake, helping you lose and maintain weight.

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"Granola is advertised as 'natural,' 'low sodium,' 'non-GMO,' or 'gluten-free,' which sounds healthy.

Banna adds "fiber helps you maintain a healthy weight as it passes through the body undigested, contributing little in the way of calories," making fiber essential for weight reduction after 50.

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