Experts' Back Fat Reduction Tips

  "plan" rather than a diet to improve body composition and fat reduction. Changing your thinking to feed your body nutritious,

 eating "plan"

 Young says there are many tools to help you understand nutrition labels if you've never done it before

 Read food labels.

 You are what you eat—a proverb you've heard repeatedly but will always remember

 a balanced diet.

 Find active activities and exercises you love, including hiking, mountain biking, running, yoga, kayaking, dance-cardio

 hobbies you enjoy.

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 Young and Tyler Read, the creator of and a 15-year personal trainer, agree on strength training.

 Strength training.

 No need to ignore cardio. Losing weight requires a good balance of aerobic and strength activity,

 Increase cardio.

 Avoid petty matters. Management of stress can improve health, but it's not always easy.

 sleep and handle stress.

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