Experts' Hardest Dogs to Train

Beagles make wonderful companions for families and are widely regarded as one of the top breeds of dog for households with young children

On the other hand, these hunting dogs have a very keen awareness of the scents that are present around them and a strong genetic propensity to follow scent trails. 

 Having saying that, they are one of the canines that are believed to be the most difficult to train. 

warns that training in distracting outdoor surroundings and off-leash recalls can be difficult with these dogs.

as you can use high-value dog treats to engage and train them with an endless variety of skills and proper manners

The Siberian husky was purposefully raised to be autonomous thinkers, which can make them less sensitive to conventional methods of obedience instruction

When they do not have sufficient mental and physical stimulation, sled dogs like this one are more likely to engage in undesirable behavior.

 He goes on to say that they are also one of the canine breeds with the highest intelligence and that they have a strong sense of their own identity

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