Fast Ways to Melt Beer Gut

Starchy carbohydrates are frequently doughy, processed, and refined and high in calories

 Limit starchy carbohydrates.

  Avoiding them will help you lose weight faster and minimize belly fat by cutting off a lot of calories.

Limit starchy carbohydrates.

 Research shows that HIIT reduces subcutaneous and abdominal fat. The Nutrition Twins explain

 HIIT into your program.

 "HIIT training can provide the same benefits as other [forms of] exercise, but in less time, which is really encouragin

HIIT into your program.

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 The Nutrition Twins recommend 25–30 grams of protein each meal. The best part of protein?

 Prioritize protein in your diet.

 Reduce alcohol intake—they call it a beer gut for a reason! But drinking less and replacing alcoholic

 restrict alcohol

 Staying hydrated helps melt tummy fat. Your brain may assume you're hungry when you're thirsty

 Hydrate with H2O.

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