Fat-Burning Workouts You Can Do Anytime

1. Jumping rope Remember this wonderful pastime from childhood? It's one of the best weight-loss workouts, but it's not fun. This 15-minute activity burns 220 calories for a 150-lb individual.

Even if you're short on time, it's a large calorie payout, depending on your effort. It causes the "afterburn effect" (EPOC).

When your metabolism is boosted, your body needs extra oxygen to return to its pre-workout level. You'll burn calories while lounging on the sofa.


2. Interval training Interval-style jogging burns calories on the treadmill or outside. It's a great workout that comprises sprinting for a certain duration (typically 60 seconds)

and then walking or jogging for a set time (shorter, same, or longer than the sprint interval). Start with 30/60: 30 seconds sprinting, 60 seconds walking/jogging.

 A 180-lb individual sprinting at 12 mph for a twenty-minute period burns 608 calories plus EPOC.

3. Kettlebell workouts Kettlebell exercises are diverse and may engage all your muscles without a gym membership. Check your fitness app or online for heart-pumping circuit training. 

 Kettlebell exercises activate more stabilizer muscles than weight training, which burns more calories and strengthens your abs. These exercises may burn 400 calories in 20 minutes, plus EPOC calories.

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5. Spin class Spinning hurts. It may elevate your heart rate and temporarily relieve you. You'll burn 400–600 calories thereafter till you reach your pre-workout weight. Ask your friends—endorphins exist!

6. Stair sprints It strengthens glutes, calves, and abs! The high-intensity phase climbs steps, while the low-intensity period descends. A 140-lb person burns 889 calories + EPOC running stairs for an hour.