Find Your Waist Diet and Exercise Plan 

 Eating 500 fewer calories per day than you expend safely burns a pound of fat every week.

 Daily caloric deficit should be 300–500

  to maintain and increases the danger of muscle loss and energy depletion.

Daily caloric deficit should be 300–500

 Eat three to five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily to decrease waistline inches.

 Consume nutritious foods.

 Sodas, juices, and alcohol are "empty calories" that raise blood sugar. They increase calories without delivering

 Cut back on sugary drinks

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 Men require 3.7 liters of water per day, women 2.7, according to the Mayo Clinic. Without meeting your daily needs

 Get enough water.

 To decrease waist inches with exercise, you need a two-to-three-day-a-week routine that emphasize

 weight reduction idea

 For 10–15 minutes, alternate 30 seconds of vigorous running with 30 seconds of jogging.

 Interval workout

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