finest MLB player ever for each franchise

No professional sport in North America has a past as rich as baseball's. Over the history of each MLB franchise, the following players represent each team's best. 

While Paul Goldschmidt had eight outstanding seasons in Arizona, his success doesn't match what Johnson did with the Snakes.  

The Braves have had their fair share of Hall of Famers, but none can quite match what Aaron did for the franchise. Second in all-time home runs 

Cal Ripken easily exceeds the accomplishments of any other player, including Brooks Robinson and Jim Palmer.  

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Perhaps the best pure hitter ever, Williams made 17 All-Star appearances with the Red Sox and retired as a .344 hitter with 521 home runs  

There's quite a debate over Chicago's best player of the last 100 years, and the discussion includes Santo, Ryne Sandberg, Ernie Banks and Sammy Sosa. 

The Big Hurt was certainly the best hitter in White Sox history, but spending significant time as a DH makes this race close. Competitors include Luke Appling 

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