Five Exercises to Lose Menopause Belly  

 This is one of the easiest hip-and-thigh exercises. Even better, because it strengthens each leg individually

 Squat Split

Standing three feet in front of the other, your knees form two 90-degree angles at the Stand with one foot

Squat Split

 The lower back and knees grow crankier with age, limiting mobility and activity. This exercise strengthens your glutes

 Hip/Thigh Extension

 This exercise strengthens your glutes, which "firms up" your buttocks and relieves strain on problem regions.

Hip/Thigh Extension

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 It's a core workout with a cool name. It shoots your core from many directions to maximize benefits while protecting your lower back.


 Rows train all back muscles, improve posture, strengthen shoulders, and burn many calories.

 Dumbbell Bent-Over Row

 A suspension trainer makes pushups harder by making your abs work harder to stabilize


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