five least likable teams in the NFL

Regardless of their records, these five NFL teams (in no particular order) won’t be winning any popularity contests.

Playing in the country’s largest city (or a nearby state) makes the Jets seem more relevant than they really are.  

The team is discussed ad nauseam on networks like ESPN even though they’ve had 29 losing seasons since joining the NFL in 1970.  

Rodgers may be toxic, but not even his bromance with McAfee can compare to the drama surrounding Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.  

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Eagles fans are rude, crude and even their best players get booed. After last year’s NFC Championship game, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan 

Patriots coach Bill Belichick has always been a miserable curmudgeon, mumbling his way through press conferences 

The Cowboys have long embraced the  “America’s Team” label. Like the Jets, Dallas has always received more attention than it usually deserves. 

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