Foods That Inflame Belly Fat

 A handmade muffin or bread may be healthier, but professionally manufactured pastries are heavy in sugar


 Many homes rely on white bread, which is low in nutrients. Some include tiny quantities of added sugar

 White Bread

 Including a beloved breakfast staple on this list of inflammatory foods that induce belly obesity may surprise you.


 A can of normal soda has 40 grams of added sugar, exceeding the American Heart Association's daily


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 Sugary alcoholic drinks damage your abs by inflaming them twice. A single margarita can have almost 30 grams

 Mixed Drinks

 Microwave popcorn is another high-inflammatory item that causes belly obesity. This classic snack provides fiber

  Microwave Popcorn

 These alternatives make it easy to gain calories on the run, but they typically have poor components.

 Meal Replacement Bars

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