For the week of April 3, 2023, there will be weekly love.

This week, you'll need to reflect and analyse your romantic life. You might feel the desire to take a step back and evaluate your current relationship situation. This is a great time to think about your expectations for the relationship and the areas where you are willing to compromise. 


You can feel a little restless or bored with your current relationship arrangement early in the week. You can yearn for something novel or thrilling or think your partner isn't providing for your requirements. This could cause conflict or arguments, especially if you can't clearly communicate with each other.


You might be more concerned with the here and now, and you might need to strike a balance between your romantic life and other obligations. This could be an excellent opportunity to discuss your needs with your spouse and work together to discover solutions that are advantageous to both of you. 


Given that your mind is shifting into a more reflective mode this week, there may be some difficulties. You might have unusually high levels of sensitivity and vulnerability, which might cause emotional outbursts or misunderstandings.


This week's planetary alignment can help you understand what you really need and want in a relationship. If you're in a committed relationship, now is an excellent time to have thoughtful discussions about your upcoming commitments.


The planets' more laid-back and upbeat energy this week will assist to diffuse any tensions from earlier in the week. You might experience increased self-assurance and comfort when expressing your emotions.


This week, you might discover that your need for intimacy and connection with your lover is very strong. This could take many many forms, such wanting to spend more time together, making physical contact, or just talking to each other about your feelings.


Your connections are going to have a revitalising and energetic vibe this coming week. It's time to put your inhibitions aside and adopt a more daring and humorous demeanour towards your lover. 


It's normal for people to occasionally feel restless and want for independence and freedom because these are basic human emotions. You might experience this feeling this week, and it may be a signal that you should pay more attention to your own requirements and preferences.