Four Zodiac Signs Doomed to a Short Relationship with a Pessimist

Libras are extremely hopeful. Drama turns them off. They won't stay in a relationship with a pessimist since they don't like continual criticism and complains.

 A Libra will leave a spouse who constantly belittles others or fights. They seek a supportive relationship. Kind partner.

Scorpio,It's hypocritical, but a Scorpio can't both be worried. This sign needs someone sunny to counter their pessimism.

Scorpio Being around a pessimist would only make Scorpios more negative. Despite their similarities, it may make them even more sad.

Sagittarius find humor everywhere. They'll laugh even when the world is falling apart. Because they want to enjoy every day, this sign doesn't take themselves too seriously.

 Sagittarius don't want a million complaints when they're having fun. They seek a playful relationship. A happy connection.

Pisces can cheer up their loved ones, but a gloomy companion won't stay. This sign feels every emotion fully

 Pisces their partner's happiness makes them happy, they should be positive. Excited partners excite them. They're emotionally connected.

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