From Nastiest to Nicest: The Most to Least Rude States in America


Welcome to our insightful web story on the rudeness ranking of American states! Explore the list of states with varying levels of politeness and discover which ones are the nastiest and which ones are the nicest.

New York

Known for its fast-paced lifestyle, New Yorkers can come across as blunt and brusque.

New Jersey

Often perceived as rude due to its assertive and direct communication style.


People here may seem standoffish, especially towards strangers.


With the bustling city of Las Vegas, locals may display impatience in crowded areas.


In certain areas, a strong focus on individualism can be misconstrued as rudeness.


Tourist-heavy regions can sometimes lead to locals being impatient or dismissive.


While friendly overall, some Texans may exhibit brash behavior.


Directness and a unique accent might be perceived as rudeness by outsiders.


Despite being known for its hospitality, the laid-back attitude can be misinterpreted as indifference.

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