Got a Whole Size This Winter? How to Lose It

 There are benefits and downsides to consuming alcohol. According to Nourish by WebMD, moderate drinking

Alcohol usage should be reduced.

 prevent kidney stones, and lessen Alzheimer's risk. However, overdrinking can cause automobile accidents

Alcohol usage should be reduced.

 alcohol has sugar and calories, which you may not realize when pouring your beloved pinot grigio.

 Alcohol usage should be reduced.

 Improve your workouts with high-intensity cardio. Mitri says, "This burns fat and water weight quickly

 Increase cardio.

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 The evidence supports this! High-intensity interval training (HIIT), an effective aerobic workout,

Increase cardio.

 Processed foods are bad for your health and fitness. "The majority of processed, packaged foods are laden with saturated

 Limit processed foods.

 "too much salt is another trigger for weight gain." "If you've gained weight fast, salt intake may have created water weight.

 Get rid of salt.

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