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Harry Potter wands for every Zodiac


Alder wands suit Aries as they represent strength, determination, confidence, and protection. Phoenix feather is fitting as Aries' magic is intense.


Willow wood, a flexible and adaptable magic symbol, suits Taurus who struggle with adaptability. Dragon heartstring is powerful yet flexible.


Hawthorn wand offers clarity and calmness, good for Geminis who can be scattered. Unicorn hair suits Geminis as it's consistent and pure.


Oak wands symbolize power, strength, justice, and honesty. Unicorn hair suits emotional Cancers as it's suited to pure hearts.


Holly wood, symbolizing protection and luck, is ideal for summer signs. Paired with a phoenix feather, it creates a powerful wand for fierce Leos.


Virgos are detail-oriented and aim for perfection, causing anxiety when they fall short. Hermione's studious nature and Boggart illustrate these traits.

Rowan wood protects & inspires, great for Libras prone to creative thinking but can get lost in thoughts. Dragon heartstring flexible for their mind.



Hazel is a magical wood with psychic and healing properties, suits Scorpios' affinity for psychic arts. Unicorn hair balances intensity.

Elder symbolizes death znd transformation. Great for Sagittarius' constant change and cheerfulness. Phoenix feather core suits fire sign.

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Birch is great for warding negativity and inspiring strength for Capricorns. Phoenix feather core suits their strong personality despite the difficulty.


Pine attracts fortune and stability, good for Aquarius' exploratory nature. Unicorn hair core suits their experiments and protects against dark magic.


Ash is linked to psychic and magical power, fitting for Pisces. Dragon heartstring core suits their adaptability and inherent power in magic.