Healthy Fridge Foods for Faster Weight Loss

 "One of the first things I reach for when I want to make a quick meal is eggs,"


 Eggs make healthful dishes like omelets and egg muffins easy to make at any time. For a healthy snack on the go


 "Always keep a few veggie options in the produce drawer to throw into those scrambled eggs or to make as side dishes


 Lots of research shows that vegetables help you lose weight. Previous studies in Nutrients demonstrate


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 Instead of chocolate chip cookies and sugary candy, consider in-season fruits when you're seeking something sweet.

 Fruit in season

 "A good-quality salad dressing for drizzling veggies or flavoring any dish is best," Burak advises.

 salad dressing

 "Yougurt, cottage cheese, hummus, and guac packs to dip veggies in and spread on

 portable snacks

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