Heart-healthy dishes for a cardiologist

 Her salads include veggies, fruit, and whatever's in her "head and fridge."

 a giant salad"

 She laughed, "It'll be enough for four people." She may add chickpeas for protein. Sometimes she adds smoked salmon

a giant salad"

 Olive oil and vinegar will make the dressing. She uses white wine vinegar and lemon-infused olive


 Vegan diets may reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart failure in middle age and decrease cholesterol


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 Her recipe bakes pasta with tomato sauce, basil, and shrimp.

 Pasta baked

 Klodas no longer likes meat. Time has pulled me away from it. She stated she doesn't miss it.


 Klodas eats chicken or beef, like in a chilli. These are dinner party meals she might make.

  beef chili,

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