High-Energy Dog Breeds For Active Owners

Border collie Border Collies adore the outdoors. Untrained sheepdogs may herd family children. This athletic dog needs two hours of daily exercise. Smart and athletic, they make terrific jogging partners.  

Aussie Shepherd  Frisbee, agility, and herding keep the tireless breed busy. Australian Shepherds need more than two hours of daily exercise or they get cranky and unpleasant.  They're friendly, loyal dogs.  

Russell Terrier Little canines with huge personalities. Russell Terriers still hunt foxes. But beware. Tough owners are better for training these pets.


Russell Terrier To prevent barking, digging, and chewing, they need an hour of daily exercise. They're terrific friends if you know what you're getting, but they're aggressive with other dogs, cautious of strangers, and may overwhelm little children.  

Weimaraner The breed was developed for speed and endurance to protect horse-drawn carriages from highwaymen, making them ideal for active owners who seek a running or cycling partner.

Siberian Husky they demand obedience training, therefore first-time owners and apartment dwellers should avoid them. You'll need a large garden with a strong fence since they're escape artists. This lovely pet requires space and time. 

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Dalmatian The breed was bred for speed and endurance to guard horse-drawn carriages from highwaymen, making them suitable for active owners who want a jogging or cycling buddy.

Springer Spaniel  Springer Spaniels are vivacious, boisterous, and social. Energized breeds chase. Friendly, smart, and easy to train, Springer Spaniels make great family dogs. Alone, they'll bark.