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How each sign of the zodiac shows love in a relationship

Instead of making overt displays of devotion, you prefer to voice your opinion.


A Taurean is unwavering and devoted, and they are never undecided about their relationships.


Gemini, the social butterfly of the zodiac, may have a difficult time choosing the right partner, but once they decide, there is no going back.


Extremely perceptive and sensitive in equal measure, love for a Cancerian entails having meaningful, in-depth conversations that help them get to know their spouse on a deeper, more personal level.


Grand gestures come naturally to Leos because they are natural born leaders.  They enjoy flaunting their affection to the world when they are in love.


Nothing escapes the attention of a Virgo due to their intrinsic perfectionist nature and dedication to detail, even your preferences.


You should anticipate good love if you are dating a Libran.  When they are in a committed relationship, they are kind, composed, and balanced to the fullest extent possible.


The flame of love is intense for a Scorpio.  As they struggle to express their emotions in words, they may choose to show their love for you by acts of physical intimacy and affection.


A free-spirited Sagittarian is difficult to confine, but once you are with them, you'll discover that every day is an adventure.


This sign is responsible and grounded, and when someone does enter, they prefer to let their actions speak for themselves.


Because of their great independence and rebellious attitude, Aquarians are difficult to predict and leery of becoming stuck in a relationship.


You may not experience flamboyant shows of adoration on social media due to the once-burned, twice-shy approach to love. Instead, once they find "the one," their love burns slowly, steadily, and brightly.