How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Turning 30


When you're close to turning 30, you'll hustle to finish a tonne of tasks and schedule fun nights out in order to pack as much as you can into this decade before it begins.


You'll have anxiety when you're close to turning 30 since everyone will be treating it like a big deal and unintentionally placing pressure on you.


While you're approaching your 30th birthday, you'll be anticipating a new chapter in your life when your happiness is the primary objective.


You'll feel proud when you reach 30 because you've accomplished so much more than you could have ever imagined and you deserve to celebrate.


You'll feel sentimental about your past, how much you've changed and developed, and all of the individuals you've gained and lost over the years.


You'll become angry with yourself when you're close to turning 30 because of how little you've accomplished and how you should have done more by then (even though you're actually doing a fantastic job).


You'll feel pressure to accomplish specific goals as you approach your 30, but you must keep in mind that everyone develops at their own speed.


You'll feel rushed as you approach 30 since everyone expects you to have your life together by then, but you're still figuring things out for yourself.


You'll want to throw a party and celebrate your 30th birthday with your loved ones because it's an opportunity to get everyone back together.


As you approach your 30th birthday, you may find yourself overanalyzing your next steps and wondering if you're heading in the correct direction.


You won't feel any different as you approach your 30th birthday because you'll be the same person tomorrow, just like every other year.


You'll experience fear as you approach your 30th birthday since life is always changing and you can't believe how quickly the years have passed.