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How Long Does Someone Hold Grudges: Zodiac Sign Based (First Six Signs)

Aries may hold grudges for a while, but they are also quick to forgive and forget if the person who wronged them shows genuine remorse.

Aries: 24 Hours

Taurus is known for being stubborn, and they can hold grudges for a very long time. They need time to process their emotions and may take a while to forgive.

Taurus: Forever

Gemini: Last Up to 5 Minutes 

Gemini tends to be more focused on the present than the past, and they may not hold grudges for very long. They are usually willing to talk things out and find a solution.

Cancer is a sensitive sign that can hold grudges for a long time. They may take things personally and have a hard time letting go of hurt feelings.

Cancer: Years

Leo can hold a grudge, but they also have a big heart and can forgive easily if they feel that their pride has been restored.

Leo: Till they feel like  

irgo may hold grudges, but they are also practical and logical. They may be willing to let things go if they see a clear benefit to doing so.

Virgo: Couple of months