How to match hair color to eyes

Choosing the right hair color is difficult. You may adore a hue that suits your best buddy but not you. Your skin tone and eye color determine

Color harmony, a notion developed by Swiss artist Johannes Itten in the early 20th century, should be mentioned before discussing hair color.

This color theory explains why some hair and clothes colors suit us better. The theory classifies colors as warm (yellow) or cool (blue).

These colours correspond to the seasons: autumn, winter, spring, and summer.

If your skin is bright and warm, with green, hazel, or brown eyes, nearing fall tones, brown or red hair would probably suit you best.

Brown is the most versatile hair color. For dark circles, avoid consistent brown. A brighter one, such balayage caramel brown, is favored.

Chocolate, a strong brown that leans coppery red, is another great brown for warm, deep skin tones and green or hazelnut eyes.

Chocolate, a powerful brown with coppery red undertones, works well with warm, deep skin tones and green or hazelnut eyes.

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