How to Permanently Lose Belly Fat

 Fiber is your BFF for weight loss and a healthy diet. "Fiber provides a greater sense of fullness when included in a meal,

 Consume fiber-rich meals.

 More diet advice for your next market trip? Dunn advises, "Eat DASH or Mediterranean meals regularly

 Mediterranean diet.

 Not forgetting protein! As with fiber, eating more protein is smart. Dunn says "Older adults have an increased

 Increase protein intake.

 If you're not resistance training, you should start. After 30, you might lose 3–5% of your lean muscle mass every decade

 Strength training.

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 Although carbohydrates are healthful after 50, you store them easily than in your youth.

 Reduce carb consumption.

 A comprehensive review in the Original Publication of The College of Family Physicians of Canada

 Try intermittent fasting.

 Another expert-recommended method for losing abdominal fat after 50 is drinking plenty of water.

 Stay hydrated.

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