Increase Metabolism and Burn Belly Fat

 "Think of fat cells as hibernating," advises UK dietitian and Vojo Health founder Ellie Busby. They take less energy

 Increase metabolism through exercise.

 More muscle burns more calories even at rest than fat since it's more metabolically active.

 Build muscle

 Joe Johnson, proprietor of 9 to 5 Nutrition, a fitness coaching service for busy office employees, recommends consistency

 Lift this manner

 Keep eating calorie-rich meals and drinks to consume more calories than your body can burn. This can cause abdominal fat

 Rest your pancreas.

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 Dieting and starvation reduce your metabolism and put it into survival mode. This is unproductive.

 Eat healthier meals.

 Intermittent fasting raises metabolism, unlike restrictive diets. Intermittent fasting involves eating for eight hours betwee

 Fast intermittently

Studies show that having breakfast with satiating protein boosts metabolism and reduces calorie intake throughout the day.

Consume Protein-Rich

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