innovative ways to make dog walks more fun.

Dogs adore new smells and places. Changing your dog walk route is the best way to have fun.

Walking is a terrific way to practice new commands in different places, but it's best to start at home. 

Hide-and-seek is a great method to entertain a sniffing dog on a stroll

Meet your dog's best friends whenever you can. This gives your dog pleasant social time and gives you human interaction time!

Allow your dog some off-leash time if their recall isn't reliable or they're on a long training leash

 hide your dog's toys in the grass or under foliage. Playing "find it" makes walking fun!

Create a parkour course in nature if your dog is physically capable. Tree stumps, benches, and logs 

Swim your dog at a dog-friendly beach, lake, or river throughout the walk. Water play makes walks fun for many dogs.

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