Kevin Costner left "Yellowstone" after being urged to "just stick to acting."

The news that your program is ending or, worse, being canceled, is never good.

Many shows have captured my heart over the years, and I always find it sad to learn that the curtain is about to come down on their respective runs. 

You'd think I'd be used to being disappointed by now, that I'd be able to shrug it off and look forward to discovering something new, but I'm not.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who freaked out when rumors about the future of the critically acclaimed Western series Yellowstone began circulating last week. In other words, the future.

There has been much speculation, and now it looks to be almost confirmed, that the Paramount blockbuster would end after its current fifth season.


The speculation on the causes of this situation has, needless to say, reached a fever pitch. 

Since Yellowstone is so well-liked, its devoted viewers probably wouldn't mind if the show was renewed for another five years. 

The Daily Mail reports that the show's creator Taylor Sheridan and starring man Kevin Costner are at odds, leading to the show's potential sudden cancellation.

Tensions between Sheridan and Costner have been rising, according to a source who told the newspaper, "certain people in charge of the production developed a God complex."

According to reports, Costner's dissatisfaction with the show's overall trajectory lies at the heart of the problems. 

According to the Daily Mail, Costner, an executive producer of Yellowstone, was urged to "stick to acting" when he aired his concerns about the show.